What is a Kansa Vatki foot massage?

A relaxing treatment following the Ayurvedic tradition to restore your body's balance by improving your health and well-being.

Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki foot massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment helping to relax and balance the body, mind and spirit. This is a treatment steeped in centuries of ceremony, a 5,000 year old Ayurveda foot and lower leg massage that focuses on the marma points or key energy and nerve endings which are connected to internal organs. The massage involves the use of oil (coconut) and a metal bowl. It starts by cleansing the feet and legs and followed by relaxing foot and leg massage moves.

Kansa Vatki is a detoxifying therapy that helps to eliminate toxins in the body and balance energy. The emphasis is put on the marma or acupressure points which are known to balance the chakras. There are about 107 acupressure points in the body out of which 14 are located on the legs and feet. Stimulating these marma points provides numerous health and wellness benefits.

Massaging is done with coconut oil as this is good for the skin. The acupressure points are massaged after oiling with the help of a metal bowl (kansa vatki). This process relieves a lot of health problems and improves energy flow.

Kansa Vatki foot massage is a massage technique carried through Kansa Vatki whose Hindi meaning is ‘Metal Bowl’

This metal bowl is made with 3 metals - copper, zinc and tin. These metals are known for their health benefits:


Fights inflammation to reduce pain


Strengthens the immune system and aids digestion


Helpful in alleviating the symptoms of insomnia, headaches and improving digestion

This relaxing treatment is done on the feet but provides benefits to the mind and body. Those who think a foot massage is beneficial only for feet and legs would be surprised to know that this therapy brings balance to the entire system from head to toe. This is a unique treatment to stimulate the vital nerves that end in the feet.

Price for a 60 minute treatment £50

A few of the Potential Benefits of Kansa Vatki:

Provides relaxation to tired feet

Boosts blood circulation

Aids the condition of muscles and ligaments of the lower limbs

Calms the mind and body

Improves joint mobility

Lowers stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression

Helps in bringing mental peace

Strengthens the lower limbs and increase endurance

Promotes mental soundness and cognition

Carries detoxification of the whole body

Restores the energy flow

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