Bowen Therapy & Mental Health from Nicky Newton

This 2022 Mental Health Day, we should all spend some time reviewing our personal mental well-being, and how our physical and mental wellbeing tie in together. We often think of these aspects as separate and forget how intertwined our mental health and physical health really are.

How Bowen Therapy can help

Mental health issues often manifest into physical pains and issues, such as back ache, neck tension migraines and IBS, just to name a few. As Bowen Therapy is designed to work by acknowledging the link between our mind and body, it’s the ideal treatment for mental health problems, such as anxiety.

Bowen Therapy is a holistic, hands-on type of therapy which is non-invasive and completely drug-free. It’s performed through small rolling movements that are made on the body. For example, over muscles tendons, ligaments and soft tissues. The aim is to encourage the body to recognise what’s going on and address it rather than forcing it to change. After treatment, clients often come away feeling more relaxed and lighter. With the release of toxins from the body many feel healthier and calmer.

Bowen Therapy and anxiety

Around 8 million people in the UK have some form of anxiety disorder. It’s one of the most common mental health issues around the world.

Our anxiety is our body’s response to external situations or stimulants. That’s why Bowen Therapy can be highly effective in the treatment of anxiety.

Those with anxiety often have a racing mind which they struggle to slow down due to the stress and busy-ness of our modern lives. Through Bowen Therapy treatment, our nervous system is able to exist in a more balanced parasympathetic and sympathetic state. This is the ideal state for our body to heal itself, for example in terms of our digestion.

If you struggle with anxiety, Bowen Therapy might be the answer for you.

How much do Nicky Newton treatments cost?

All of my treatments are £50 per session and last between 45-60 minutes. At the start of each treatment I will carry out a consultation to enable you to discuss any changes. We will discuss your physical and emotional well-being and from this I will ensure your treatment is tailored to you.

For babies and those under 16, treatment times will vary depending on the child. All treatments are £15.

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