Bowen therapy and the lymphatic system

Did you know that the lymphatic system is one of your body's most important and most powerful systems in the proper function of your immune system, organ health and vitality and movement?

A lymphatic system that is not properly working can trigger unexplained aches, pains and swellings. It can affect your sleep and your concentration levels. Clients find it useful for all types of swelling, fluid retention, inflammation and sinus problems.

Without proper care and attention, our bodies cannot keep up with the toxins and stressors that modern life throws at us. 

Lymphatic drainage helps our bodies to cope with the daily challenges everyday life has in store for you and helps you along your healing journey.

Having a lymphatic drainage treatment pre-op and post-op can promote detoxification, could reduce the fluid retention and oedemas, help accelerate healing and could help to minimises pain, bruising and scarring.

What is the lymphatic system?

Your lymphatic system is your body's 'sewerage system' filtering out bacteria and virus, protecting your body from illness, maintaining your body fluids, absorbing digestive tract fats and removing waste. There are about 600 lymphatic nodes throughout the body with around 23 major clusters which include your armpits, groin, neck, chest and abdomen.

How do I know if I need this treatment?

Clients come to me with a variety of symptoms such as:

Fatigue, swollen glands, puffiness around the eyes or face, swelling in fingers or ankles, bloating or holding on to water, headaches, sinus infections, skin issues, such as dry or itchy skin, soreness or stiffness upon waking.

Having a course of lymphatic drainage treatments pre and post surgery can help you recover from your surgery faster as well as help reduce post surgery swelling

Bowen therapy and lymphatic drainage

A typical treatment will last for one hour and it is an all over body treatment. You can wear light clothing. The emphasis with all Bowen treatments is a gentle and light touch and lymphatic drainage is no exception. Using light pressure and rhythmic strokes to increase the lymph flow and reduce toxins in your body. This is also a deeply relaxing treatment.

How often should I have a treatment

This is something that you can chat through with Nicky when booking but a good rule of thumb is that if you have been sedentary for a while or are recovering for surgery/injury, it might be worth considering a weekly treatment for three weeks initially to get things 'flowing' again. Regular lymphatic drainage can help manage your symptoms and boost your immune system.

After care

After your treatment you can help your body's lymphatic system continue the flow and remove toxins by:

  • Regular exercise. Your body's lymphatic needs you to keep moving to keep it in tip top order
  • When taking a shower switch between hot and cold water. This will help boost circulation and immunity in your body. It will also target the lymphatic system. Hot water will dilate the vessels while the cold water constricts them. Training the vessels to dilate and constrict will copy the ‘pumping’ action of circulation.
  • Dry brushing before you shower with a natural bristle brush using circular motion working from your feet towards the heart. This will help the flow of lymph system. This is a great technique that will also help with general circulatory and immune flow.
  • Try to eat foods that are good for promoting lymph flow. This includes dark leafy greens, garlic, seaweed, ginger, turmeric and avocados to name just a few and where possible avoid foods that are known to cause lymph system blockage. These include processed sugars, artificial sweeteners and colours, MSG foods, processed foods, dairy to name just a few.

Treatment plans and prices

Pre-Surgical Lymphatic drainage - £50

One to three treatment sessions 2 weeks prior to surgery. Lymphatic drainage is helpful in getting the the body ready for surgery by clearing any stagnant toxins and waste that may be at or around the surgical sights. Benefits may include reduced oedema and swelling, stimulation of the immune system and increased relaxation. Each treatment will last 60 minutes.

Post-Surgical Lymphatic Drainage - £50

Lymphatic drainage can be highly beneficially for post surgery, and caesarean recovery. It can help speed recovery time, decrease swelling & bruising, help alleviate pain, and minimize scarring & hardening. Treatment will last 60 minutes.

Initial Lymphatic drainage treatment - £50

During this treatment we will discuss your health concerns and goals, how to properly dry brush your body and simple ways to integrate new habits to maintain a healthy lymphatic system for your optimal health.

Lymphatic Drainage - £50

Follow on appointments for clients who have already come in for their INITIAL DETOX LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE TREATMENT. This follow on treatment continues to encourage your body's filtration of waste products and toxins to help the body naturally in the role of fighting disease. It can aid the immune system, reduce allergy and fibromyalgia symptoms, improve sleep quality and mental clarity, reduce fatigue, and aid in digestion! Each treatment last 60 minutes.

fluid retention

sinus problems



unexplained aches and pains




soft tissue nourish

pain relief


holistic recovery

immune system

A few of the more common conditions that can be supported through lymphatic drainage. It is usually safe to have lymphatic drainage alongside conventional medicine, but if you are currently having any medical treatment please speak to your GP before booking an appointment.

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